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Do you have a significant email list or social media presence? Are you aligned with our mission to support mindfulness teachers? May we express our gratitude by supporting you in return?

The RememberPresence Affiliate Marketing Program allows you to support our mission while making passive income.

For your email communications, we will provide you with two ads for RememberPresence events once or twice a month. You are under no obligation to include these ads in your emails. If you do, we will offer you 5% of the value of each registration your ads generate for us.

If you choose to accept our posts to your Facebook or Instagram accounts, you can expect two to four posts per month. To see what they look like, visit our Facebook page.

We will offer you the same 5% commission on registrations generated from your social media posts.

If you believe in the value of mindfulness training and are looking for values-aligned sponsors, we welcome your partnership.

Introductory Offer

Become an affiliate. Qualifications below.
5% of each registration
  • I have >1000 subscribers or followers.
  • I send or post at least 1 message per month