Meditate Better

Emerging discoveries that power-up online meditation

The value of meditation to our wellness is well-documented. However, these benefits have been recorded with in-person meditation studies. Only now are emerging the best practices to realize these benefits in an online setting.

With the benefit of access to two years of data from regular online meditation groups lead by dozens of leading teachers, we have isolated the key ingredients to adapt meditation practice to best serve online attendance.

In the process, a whole new form of practice is being revealed. Once thought of as a temporary and poor substitute for in-person practice, online practice is emerging as distinct and complementary. Combining online and in-person forms a kind of spiritual cross-training, where each develops different capacities, making your practice more stable and resilient.

In general, in-person practice is characterized by stepping out of our daily lives. Online tends to step into it, offering more opportunities to embody practice in every moment without leaving the loving container of your practice community.

Five tips to meditating online

We’ve prepared a document for you with the five most important factors in getting the most out of online meditation. These can be applied to any sessions you already attend, or are a must-read before choosing an online community.