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RememberPresence is the practice platform for MMTCP-certified teachers that understands your needs and shares your values.

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A trusted pedigree

RememberPresence is built on the same platform used by the Insight Meditation Community of Washington, home sangha of Tara Brach, and InsightLA with Jack Kornfield for a combined 15 years.

Teacher Seminar

We offer a monthly seminar that covers practical topics you need to succeed, like how to price your events, expand your reach and manage online spaces. We end with a meet-and-greet between teachers to help you form connections and collaborate.

A secure platform

One Zoom bombing or video clip posted to social media can end your career. Our platform protects you and your attendees. We employ advanced security measures that put a wall of safety around your Zoom meetings and recordings.

We help you grow

We offer one-of-a-kind compensation models that maximize income from donation-based events. We manage marketing and fundraising campaigns to maximize attendance and giving. You teach classes. We fill them.

Cooperative power

Our single marketplace can introduce you to thousands of new customers when you join us. Marketing gets you seen. When teachers bring customers to us, they introduce them to you, too.

Both/And Pricing

Some teachers offer everything for free, others need to generate income. We allow you to balance the costs between you and your attendees. Join us for free with no credit card. Choose a pricing plan when you’re ready to host your first event.

A place for every teacher

Our pricing plans start with free. With all features included.

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