Migrating Your Flock

How to transition your community to RememberPresence

RememberPresence offers a much simpler model of Zoom event management, but it’s unfamiliar to most, and old habits die hard.  Follow our step-by-step procedure to ease the transition.

The last day of your old meeting

Explain to your community the old Zoom link will no longer work for the next session.  They will need to subscribe to have it sent to them before each session.  Put the link to your event page in the Zoom chat so people can go right there and subscribe.

After your meeting, delete the old recurring meeting in Zoom. This way, if they try to use it for your next session, it will say it has been deleted instead of “waiting for host to start the meeting,” which would encourage them to wait.  If they know it has been deleted, they will begin searching for the new one or contact you.

Three days before your first RememberPresence meeting

Communicate the following message via email and social media to your community.

Subject: PLEASE READ: We have changed the Zoom link for our next meeting.


Starting at our next session, we’re using a new way of getting the Zoom link. It will make our community safer for all of us, but it means you will have to sign up to receive the link. You only need to do this once, and we’ll deliver a new link to you for each session. You can do this right now, [right here][Link that to your event detail page where they subscribe]. If you’re having trouble, don’t hesitate to contact me.

If people reach out to you, the simplest thing to do is register for them. You have their name and email, so you go to the event page and enter them.  They will get the confirmation email.  Verify they received it and you’re done.

In fact, if your list is small and you have permission, the surest approach is to register for people, which saves a lot of panic on your first day. However, you can only add people at the free level.  They will need to adjust their pledge later if they want to use auto-donation.

20 minutes before your first RememberPresence meeting

By now, you should have the Start Meeting email. It will come from RememberPresence and the subject is “Your Zoom meeting for [your event name].” If you don’t see it, first try searching for “Your Zoom meeting for” then check your folders. GMail loves to put our emails in their Promotions folder, for example.

If you don’t find it, no worries, there’s another way to start the meeting without the email. Log into your Teacher Dashboard. There will be a big orange button that will start your meeting if you click it.

Start your meeting

Click the link in the Start Meeting email and it will open the Zoom meeting and make you host. Wait for people to arrive.

Half of your attendees never read your emails, so they’re trying to join in the old way and having trouble.  They will begin contacting you.  Just register for them.  Some people will start showing up.  Expect people to be late.

After your first meeting

Most people will have succeeded in joining your meeting, but not everyone. It’s time to go through the emails, contact the people having trouble and register for them.  Another general email like the first one describing the new system might also help.

During your launch meeting, we will be on hand to help people onboard, but it’s a chicken and egg for us.  We can’t communicate with them until they’re subscribed.  Once they are, we’ll be an email away whenever they need help, and you’ll be able to manage them in your teacher’s dashboard.

Migrating gifts

If you have people that were giving you payment before moving to RememberPresence, you need to move their payment to rP, too.  Help them cancel any recurring payments and replace them with auto-donation.  Show them how to make one-time donations in rP (there’s a link in their subscription email), so they will no longer use a 3rd-party payment processor.

These donations are our only source of payment and we extend our gratitude for your support.

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