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All of our unique features depend on our Secure Zoom system. It enables auto-donation, auto-appeals and pay-per-view on-demand. It ensures everyone in your Zoom has registered and paid. No one can share their personal link. It provides a consistent experience to attendees across all RememberPresence events and automates taking attendance. It enables first-time-free drop-in sessions and collection of 50% deposits.

These are only a few of the advantages of our one-of-a-kind Secure Zoom system.

RememberPresence provides a level of security not available in vanilla Zoom. Each attendee receives a personal link 30 minutes before the session they cannot share. If they post it to social media, we will block its use by a second person. Their link expires at the end of the session, so it cannot be reused. Secure Zoom allows you to quarantine and ban bad actors, assuring you they can’t return. It also verifies payment before an attendee is permitted access to paid events. Security also extends to pay-per-view on-demand videos, ensuring that only registrants have access to your recordings.

With Secure Zoom, you are assured that only invited and paid attendees are in your meeting.

At the free and $50/month plans, RememberPresence makes automated appeals to your drop-in attendees to increase their pledge. These are highly customized appeals based upon each person’s unique place in your community. It is not a fundraising campaign like you endure in your inbox.

If a person subscribes to your group without pledging, we ask them to on their 5th visit. We’ve seen that if someone visits you 5 times, they’ve committed to you. Their situation has changed since they started, when they were window shopping for a sangha.

Then we ask again about 6 months later. Again, we’ve seen that an attendee’s role in the community has changed by this time. They’re transitioning from their personal healing to supporting everyone else. That’s a new reason to give. They want to support the whole sangha.

Finally, unless they’ve already reached the maximum gift, we ask one more time at about 15 months of seniority. At this point, practice has deepened and the sense of care stretches beyond people on your zoom to all people everywhere. Compassion for all beings. You see that your gift to your teacher is really a gift for the wellbeing of everyone, everywhere. That’s a new insight and a new reason to give. So we ask.

As the Buddha made clear, giving makes you happy. In fact, if it doesn’t, you know it’s not a true gift. Our model tries to ask at the right time and in the right way to make you the happiest from the sense of gratitude and generosity.

Text of 2nd month appeal

You’ve been coming for a while, and we’re delighted to see you’re finding support at <Your Drop-in’s Name>. Give yourself the gift of remembering some special moments over your recent visits. Was it an inspiring moment from your teacher? Something personal someone shared that gave you the courage to do the same? Or just the safety in seeing faces becoming familiar to you?
If you have that feeling of warmth recalling those moments, that’s the greatest gift of community: gratitude. Gratitude makes us want to share it, to let others feel it, too. We call that impulse generosity, and it’s a virtuous cycle. The more you act on it, the more gratitude you give to others, and they give it right back.
Your presence means more than anything, but you can also help support your teachers, financially. Your community depends on them, and they depend on your community to support them.

Text of 7th month appeal

You may not realize it, but you’ve become a big support to your community. By now, they know you well and look for you when they arrive. They feel the kindness of your presence and words. Your connection has deepened, some walls have come down, some risks taken and rewarded with kindness.
People often come to our group needing support. Later, they come back to support everyone. That’s how gratitude works. Receiving kindness from others heals us. Once healed, we return the kindness.
Offering a donation to your teachers expresses that kindness to everyone in the room. None of you would be here without them.

Text of 15th month appeal

After so much practice, you’ve likely touched the deep settling and peace right below the surface of the storm.
In that space of vast calm, the profound truths of practice reveal themselves. The boundary between us is ephemeral and porous. Everything, the whole catastrophe of it, is somehow okay. And you are already perfect, just as you are.
But believing that is hard, so a deep compassion arises for those who have never seen it, themselves. May your generosity help everyone to see how kind, compassionate, and worthy they truly are.

RememberPresence offers four ways to make a donation to your drop-in class. Three are auto-donation, where you attendee makes an upfront pledge of a set donation amount, and the last is a one-time gift.

The donation period for a session begins when the link for that session arrives (roughly 30 minutes before start) and ends when the link arrives for the next session, for example, a week later. All donations made during that period are associated with that session, and you can no longer donate to that session once its period has expired. No more than one donation can be made for a session. For auto-donation, we collect the donation:

  • From an attendee after they have attended your Zoom session at least 10 minutes.
  • From an attendee the first time they view at least 10 minutes of your video. On-demand charges are processed at the end of the donation period, not when the video was viewed.
  • From an attendee who clicked the link in their email to offer their pledge. This is available to events with in-person attendance.

The final method of donation is one-time. If you have not opted for auto-donation, there is a link in the session email that will allow you to make a one-time donation for an amount you specify. You can direct your gift to the teacher or to RememberPresence.

Because RememberPresence is not a 501c3 corporation, these gifts are not tax-deductible.

If you record your sessions, we will automatically send a private link to the cloud recording to everyone registered for your event. We track and record every viewing for you.

For a drop-in event, if your attendee has made a donation pledge, we will automatically collect their pledge when they view the video. If not, they will have the opportunity to make a single donation when viewing it.

For a class or retreat, the cost of viewing the video is included in the registration fee, so no charge is made upon viewing it.

RememberPresence videos expire from our servers in about a month. For all events except drop-in, teachers and attendees are permitted to download the video to keep it permanently. Drop-ins do not allow download for extra privacy to ensure it cannot appear publicly.

Up to the level of your plan ($0 – $200) RememberPresence collects no fees. Once your income exceeds your plan level, rP collects a percentage of the gross value of every registration or subscription. Gross value is the total balance due before deductions. Consider this scenario using the $50/month plan.

A single registration for your class (which may include multiple people and cost modifiers) totals $100. If you have already earned $50 this month, we collect $8 for this registration. If you offer a 50% off scholarship and collect $50, we still charge $8. If the attendee cancels, we charge them $15 as a cancellation fee.

Drop-ins have no cost modifiers, so the fee is always your plan’s service fee percentage of the subscription level, each time the person attends.

If you need to cancel, let us know as soon as you can by submitting an update event request. We will take care of notifying your attendees. If your event is a drop-in, you must notify us within 24 hours of the session or your group will lose good standing status. If your event is paid, we can arrange a make-up session.

All RememberPresence events must have at least one RememberPresence teacher present with host privileges in the Zoom meeting. Ask your substitute to apply to RememberPresence. Once accepted, submit an Event Update form with their profile link and we will add them to your event. All teachers associated with an event will receive the Start Meeting email that opens the room and makes them host.

All teachers associated with the event split earnings for that session. If you want your substitute to receive all the earnings for the session, ask to be removed from the teacher list for the substitute’s sessions.

We have a private teacher-to-teacher WhatsApp group for finding substitutes.

For a drop-in, simply ask them to register at the free level. A guest does not need to be a RememberPresence member teacher. For a retreat or course, we will send you two guest passes for each event you can use to give free access to the event.

rP allows you to bring your own Zoom admin, so you are free to teach, leaving management of the space and creation of breakout rooms to the admin. The admin will also act as your registrar. We call this role in rP the registrar and it demands more technical expertise than a teacher. An admin does not need to be MMTCP-certified.

Contact us to learn more about this role and how to provide your admin a rP registrar account.